Oklahoma needs criminal justice reform

Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. This includes holding the top spot for incarcerating women for more than three decades. Without reform, Oklahoma’s prison population is projected to keep climbing, at a high cost to Oklahoma taxpayers, communities and families.

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Prisons are an Environmental Injustice Pulse

For decades, prison and jails across the nation have been built on or near enivronmentally hazardous locations. Join us and researchers Leon-Corwin, Maggie, Jericho R. McElroy, Michelle L. Estes, as we dive into their research paper “Polluting our Prisons? An Examination of the Relationship between Oklahoma Prison Locations and Toxic Releases, 2011-2017.” Additional researchers on their paper who couldn't join us include Jon Lewis and Michael A. Long. Oklahoma is putting incarcerated individuals' health and safety at risk every single day, in more ways than we'd like to think.
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