Oklahoma needs criminal justice reform

Oklahoma has one of the highest incarceration rates in the world. This includes holding the top spot for incarcerating women for more than three decades. Without reform, Oklahoma’s prison population is projected to keep climbing, at a high cost to Oklahoma taxpayers, communities and families.

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Previewing the Legislative's Upcoming Interim Studies Pulse

As legislative session and special sessions have now come to an end, it is time to shift to interim studies. Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall approved 82 interim studies ahead of the 2023 Legislative Session. Additionally, the Senate has approved over 40 interim studies. Between the House and Senate, we personally have 10 interim studies that we will be working on and over 20 we are watching and assisting with. Interim studies help to not only get all the stakeholders in the same room and on the same page, but it also allows legislators to make informed decisions after being presented all the data. Listen along as we detail what should be on your radar this session.
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