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oklahoma’s ongoing imprisonment crisis despite reforms, oklahoma’s prison population projected to keep climbing

Despite the passage of signifcant criminal justice reforms in recent years, today Oklahoma is the top imprisoning state in the nation with a prison population projected to keep growing. If no additional reforms are passed, the prison population will increase by another 14 percent by 2028, topping 31,000 people in prison and solidifying its status…

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As state approaches highest total incarceration in u.s., oklahomans for criminal justice reform ramps up advocacy efforts

OKLAHOMA CITY – With Oklahoma potentially mere days away from becoming the highest incarcerating state in the country, Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform (OCJR) today announced new plans for aggressive advocacy for long-term improvements to the state’s broken criminal justice system. OCJR’s long-term plan for reform in Oklahoma starts with legislative approval this session of…

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2018 session legislative progress on criminal justice reform

SB 185 requires that Pardon and Parole Board members be trained according to national standards of evidence-based practice, and that two members of the board have professional experience in the field of substance abuse and/or mental health treatment. SB 649 removes certain property offenses from the habitual offender enhancement so that people charged with those crimes will no…

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