The Scary and Horrifying Injustices of the Criminal Legal System

Oklahoma’s criminal legal system is defined by many under-discussed and fairly horrifying facts . Like some horror movie character tiptoeing through the darkness we must first confront some terrifying historical truths about our State in order to change Oklahoma for the better. This October, we should be focused on turning these scary truths into reassuring facts that promote public confidence in […]

It’s Time to Hold Legislators Accountable

Seven years ago Oklahoma voters demanded greater public investment in local mental health and addiction treatment instead of incarceration. All these years later – the legislature still has not appropriated the funds as required. Instead, Oklahoma’s 77 counties  are drowning  as they take on the impossible task of confronting the mental health and substance abuse crisis without adequate resources. It’s […]

Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform’s 2023 Policy Agenda Reveal

Oklahoma is an outlier – both nationally and globally – when it comes to mass incarceration . Oklahoma has the third highest incarceration rate in the country while Oklahomans serve nearly double the sentence length of Kansans for common property crimes. Oklahoma has historically embraced the “tough on crime” approach, but this strategy has not made us any safer. The […]