A Message from OCJR’s New Deputy Director

A Message from OCJR’s New Deputy Director

May 3rd, 2021

Re: Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform Deputy Director

Dear Advocates and Stakeholders, 

I began my career with Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform in 2018 as a legal intern helping to commute excessive sentences for crimes that are now misdemeanors. The experience opened my eyes to the overwhelming scale of our state’s incarceration crisis. I learned injustice is the rule rather than the exception in Oklahoma. As I continued through law school and worked within the justice system, stories of Oklahomans trapped in the carceral system stuck with me.

As Policy Counsel, I have worked with our team, coalition members, and advocates across the state to move legislation that addresses Oklahoma’s overreliance on incarceration. 

Today I am excited to announce that I have accepted the position of Deputy Director for Oklahomans for Criminal Justice Reform. I am thankful for the opportunity and for the groundwork laid by my predecessor, Clint Castleberry, who will continue his amazing work at the Department of Corrections as the state begins to implement Medicaid Expansion.

We will continue to advocate for Oklahomans caught in the carceral system. We do this by fighting for reform and elevating public safety to the forefront of each conversation. It is imperative that we center the voices of BIPOC communities who are over-policed and overrepresented in our legal system. 

I’m excited to see all we can do together. Let’s get to work! 

Colleen McCarty, Esq. 

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      Congratulations. May your continued heart felt work continue to prosper. May Jesus hand be upon you to continue the good work that is much needed. May He open doors for you and shut doors for you. ♥️

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      Congratulations on your new post. I would like some advice on how to start advocating for Prison reform for how prison write ups are given and there policy’s s of how there followed thru to appeals. Did you know that if an inmates cell mate has an kind of contra band found that both prisoners will be charged ? And if the mail system gets there appeals in to late they are found guilty of that crime. These actions are happening in private prisons and keeping my son from parole. I have contacted the Dept of Corrections and my son was threatened for an advocate trying to help. I have written to the warden and Governor with little help.

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